•                                          6th Grade Exploratory Wheel

    This is a rotation of classes: Art, Computers, Theatrical Arts, Family and Consumer Sciences, Choir, Technology, World Languages, and Life Readiness. The Exploratory Electives Wheel offers our 6th graders the unique chance to experience a wide variety of subjects in a short amount of time. Through these experiences, it will be easier for 6th graders to select the elective classes they would like to take over the next two years, and even in high school. Below is a brief description of each exploratory class to give you and your student an idea of what to expect when they enter the first day of each class. 


                                           6th Grade Exploratory Electives

  • 6th Grade World Languages Exploration
    In this daily nine-week course, students will learn about the world through French and Spanish. Students will learn short conversations and basic vocabulary in each language. Students will gain a global perspective through various activities about the cultures of these countries through food, stories, and songs. In addition, students will learn where each of these languages are spoken, and also about their peers and their daily lives in these countries. Every student, including those in Band and Orchestra, take this course.

    6th Grade Life Readiness
    In this daily nine-week course, students will learn about careers and post-secondary options. Students will use eLearning Dynamics to explore the six career paths and to engage in self-exploration to determine interests, work values, and skills. Students will learn about post-secondary options and begin to understand their availability. Every student, including those in Band and Orchestra, take this course.

    6th Grade Theatrical Arts
    In this daily nine-week course, students will be introduced to the basics of theatre arts topics, which will include pantomime, script reading, improvisation, movement, and audience behavior. 

    6th Grade Art
    In this daily nine-week course, students will be challenged to discover their abilities and place in the community. This course allows students to develop creative and critical thinking skills, and solve problems and communicate effectively within and beyond the classroom. Students will utilize a variety of art media to create two- and three-dimensional art works while building an appreciation for, and drawing inspiration from, many ancient cultures. 

    6th Grade Choir
    In this daily nine-week course, students are enabled to explore the singing and choral arts. Students will continue to develop their music literacy skills (rhythmic and melodic), learn music history and styles, and experience music through technology, singing/performing, and playing some instruments. 

    6th Grade Exploring Technology
    In this daily nine-week course, students will learn about the subject of technology through various hands-on activities. The activities are engineering in nature, meaning that students will be using math, science, and technology to design, build, analyze, and test solutions to specific design problems. This is truly a "learn by doing" class! Activities will focus on the construction of structures, computer graphics, rocketry and space related topics, electricity and electronics, and many other forms of research and design. Students will also be introduced to using 3-D computer aided design. 

    6th Grade Exploring Computers
    Emphasis: Technology Readiness & Digital Citizenship
    "Digital native does not mean tech savvy. While most of our young people are glued to their technology, they are not skilled at using technology to solve problems." Source: Change the Equation. This nine-week exploratory course covers fundamental computer skills needed in school and work. Keyboarding, internet safety and research, productivity software and cloud based technologies will be used to create documents, publications and presentations similar to what will be required in middle and high school classes as well as many professions.

    6th Grade Exploring Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)
    This is a daily nine-week exploratory course designed to introduce students to Family and Consumer Sciences. Students will develop introductory food preparation skills, construct a sewing project using the sewing machine and be introduced to the business of babysitting. All of the course activities will emphasize safety and teamwork in an interactive environment.

    Yearlong Elective Options

    6th Grade Beginning Band
    This is a daily, year-long course.  Sixth Grade Beginning Band is the first band opportunity for the CPS district. Emphasis in sixth grade band is on developing musical skills that lead to the art of performing.  Students develop additional skills in writing music, music technology, and the culture of music. Students develop additional skills in writing music, music technology, and the culture of music. In addition to daily classes the full sixth-grade band meets after school. 

     6th Grade Beginning Orchestra
    This is a daily, year-long course. Sixth Grade Beginning Orchestra is the first opportunity for the CPS district and string instruments. Emphasis in sixth grade orchestra is on developing musical skills that lead to the art of performing.  Students develop additional skills in writing music, music technology, and the culture of music. Students develop additional skills in writing music, music technology, and the culture of music. In addition to daily classes the full sixth-grade orchestra meets after school.

    *In order to participate in Band or Orchestra:  Follow the link below if you are interested in playing an instrument. https://www.cpsfinearts.com or contact the Band/Orchestra director at the school your child will be attending to discuss instrument choices. 
    SMS Band Teachers: Jeff Moorman- JMoorman@cpsk12.org
                                                                Brooksie Collins- BCollins@cpsk12.org
                            SMS Orchestra Teacher: Liz Sheets- ESheets@cpsk12.org



    Physical EducationSixth-graders take PE on alternating days.  Athletic shoes are required but dressing out is optional depending on the activity.

    RTI (Response to Intervention) – Sixth-graders will be in RTI.  This is a time for teachers to provide core class support and when students can work on assignments. It is also a great time to get extra help from teachers when you are having problems understanding a lesson.   

    Advisory -Teachers will be presenting social emotional lessons from the Second Steps program.

     EEE (Extended Education Experience) – If your child qualifies, this will alternate with PE instead of RTI.

    Some sixth-graders are also enrolled in the following: 

    Reading Workshop (Teacher recommended intervention course)
    This a daily, year-long, supplemental reading course is designed to teach literacy strategies to students who struggle with aspects of reading as determined by multiple literacy assessment measures and teacher recommendations.  Students will participate in whole group and small group instruction as well as spend significant time in independent reading of fiction and nonfiction texts,and working to meet personal reading goals centered on mastery of various comprehension strategies.

    Math Choices
    5th grade teachers will discuss their recommendations with families.

    Math 6
    Grade 6 mathematics is aligned with the Common Core State Standards with the focus  on four critical areas: (1) connecting ratio and rate to whole number multiplication and division and using concepts of ratio and rate to solve problems; (2) completing understanding of division of fractions and extending the notion of number to the system of rational numbers, which includes negative numbers; (3) writing, interpreting, and using expressions and equations; and (4) developing understanding of statistical thinking.

    Advanced Math 6
    The 6th grade Advanced math course is “compacted” which means to compress content from both 6th and 7th grade, which requires a faster pace to complete, as opposed to skipping content. While this course is not a requirement for 7th grade advanced math, it would be a good course for students who want an extra challenge in mathematics in the 6th grade.