•  Welcome to Smithton, home of the Wildcats!

    Doors Open 7:00am

    Class Starts 7:25am

    Class Dismisses 2:35pm


                                      Who are we?

    Our Mission

         Prepare students as problem solvers to adapt to an ever changing future through rigorous
             academic growth and positive character development.

    Our Vision

          To be a positive environment where students and teachers work together for excellence. 

    Our Values

         Education, Problem Solving, Relationships, Respect, Teamwork, Character

    Smithton will continue to work toward this vision, striving to be the best middle school in Columbia and in Missouri. Our district’s mission demands that we provide an excellent education for all children. Smithton’s belief is that an excellent education stresses rigorous academic instruction and positive character development.  Our focus on Achievement, Enrichment, and Opportunity will enable all students to acquire the skills and abilities needed to be successful, including a mastery of content areas, growth mindset, self-knowledge, creativity, wellness, interpersonal skills, confidence, cultural competence, and community connection. We Are One because, together, students will grow and develop academically, socially, emotionally and physically.  


                          GRRRR Expectations


    We expect our Smithton students to

    • Give Respect to themselves, others, and the learning environment
    • Be Ready to learn
    • Take Responsibility
    • Reach for the stars!