• All technology purchases, including printers, should come through Technology Services purchasing and use our purchasing process. Printers that are purchased outside of our online purchasing site are not allowed on our network. Printers donated by PTA, or other organizations, or “given” to a school will only be supported as best effort. This includes Poster Printers and Specialized printers.  


    Technology Services Requisition Process



    Buildings can enter requisition(s) for the technology equipment needed to outfit new classrooms directly into the on-line purchasing system above.

    • Order Smartboards using fund source “New Classroom Capital” for new classrooms on the Business Services approval list. 
    • Order all other devices including computers, monitors, data projectors and mounting accessories, etc. by providing a building account code as fund source using the online purchasing link above. 


    Dianna Douglas

    Technology Services (Aslin)

    573-214-3900 ext. 25412