Athletic Department

  • The Columbia Public Schools Athletics department is proud to offer a strong athletics program, the purpose of which is to develop in young people an understanding of the positive impact an active lifestyle will have on their lives. The program also provides a unique learning environment where affective, psychomotor, and cognitive skills can be developed. Also fostered are good health practices, good sportsmanship, self-control, self-expression, and the opportunity for positive social interaction with peers. Research clearly shows that active healthy students are more likely to be academically motivated and establish habits of behavior that will promote lives that are models of wellness.
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     Battle High School  Hickman High School  Rock Bridge High School
     Gentry Middle School  Jeff Middle School
     Lange Middle School
     Oakland Middle School  Smithton Middle School  West Middle School
  •  Bruce Whitesides
    Bruce Whitesides
    District Athletic Director