• Girls Volleyball 2020


     7th & 8th Grade Volleyball - Designed to teach players the overall basics of volleyball, (passing, serving, attacking, blocking and defense) and how those skills relate to team volleyball.



    Coaches Contact Information:



    Head Coach 8th grade:                                           Head Coach 7th grade:
    Tylisha (Johnson) Dade                                           Jordan Pixcar 
    tjohnson@cpsk12.org                                             jpixcar@cpsk12.org
    Assistant Coach 8th grade:                                     Assistant Coach 7th grade:
    Carlie Johnson                                                           LaVetta Hodges 
    carjohnson@cpsk12.org                                          lhodges@cpsk12.org


                                                     2019 Schedule 
    Volleyball All games begin at 6 pm except vs St. Peter and Paul
    (9/8) Gentry (7th Home /8th Away) 
    (9/9) Smithton (7th Away/8th Home)
    (9/14) West (7th Home/8th Away)
    (9/15) OLLIS (7th Away/8th Home) 
    (9/16) Thomas Jefferson (7th Away/8th Home) 
    (9/18-9/19) Sacred Heart Tournament (8th only)
    (9/21) Lewis and Clark (7th Home/8th Away)
    (9/23) John Warner (7th Away/8th Home)
    (9/24) Hallsville (7th Only, Away) 
    (9/25) Hickman Tournament (CANCELLED) 
    (9/30) Oakland (7th Away/8th Home)
    (10/3) LC Tournament (8th Only)
     (10/5) Jeff Middle (7th Home/8th Away)
    (10/6) vs St. Peter & Paul 7th/8th Home 7PM