Lange Track & Field 2021 


    Physical Education

    Students must participate in PE class to be eligible for practice or meets occurring that day. 


    Attendance Policy

    Practices will be after school until 4:00 pm. There will be no practices on some meet days.  Athletes are expected to show commitment to the team and attend all practices. Athletes that cannot meet the required practice times will be excused from the team.  Athletes will be allowed three unexcused absences.  An athlete who accumulates three unexcused absences will be removed from the team.  An absence will be excused if the athlete was absent from school, experienced a death in the family, or has a note from a physician. Athletes that are injured are still expected to attend practices and meets in order to receive instruction or assist with team needs.



    If an athlete needs to go to tutoring after school, he/she must report to practice after the tutoring session is over with a note.  


    Practice Expectations

    Athletes should be prepared to be outside in cold weather.  The coaches recommend dressing in layers when its cold.  Physical conditioning and hard work should be expected at each practice. 

    Practice schedule is on the school website.


    Meet Expectations

    Athletes will be placed in events and on relay teams by the coaches.  They are expected to know their events and report to them promptly.  Athletes waiting for their event to be called should be supporting their teammates and preparing for their event.  Some meets are limited entry and all athletes will not be able to participate. Athletes must check-out with a coach prior to leaving any meet. Parents must sign-out athletes prior to leaving all away meets. Some meets have limited-entries, so some athletes may not be competing.


    All results will be posted on the bulletin board near the locker room at school. 

    Some results will be posted online at http://trxctiming.com/
    and  www.Athletic.net (enter Lange in the team search). Only coaches can signup for an account.


    Columbia Meets- Athletes will be bused to the high schools, but not bused back to Lange. It is the athlete’s responsibility to be picked up at one of the local high schools in Columbia.

    Out of Town Meets- Athletes will be bused to the meet and back to Lange. Athletes should be picked up at Lange.  

    Uniform Information

    All athletes who have earned a school jersey/short, sweat top and bottoms will be responsible for the care of LMS gear.  Uniforms should be washed inside-out in cold water using the gentle cycle and air-dried.  They are expected to have their uniform at every meet. Warm-ups are only to be worn at practice, meets and on special occasions that are set by the coach. Any athlete who violates these rules may be ask to turn in their warm-ups.   Long sleeved undershirts and tights may be worn beneath the school uniforms.  Spikes are optional as well, but the spikes must only have ¼ inch pyramidal spikes (3/16 are fine on some tracks)


    Head Coach: Jamie Lazechko  

    Assistant Coaches: Stephanie Tranmer (Hurdles/Sprints), Ken Storla (Throws), Taylor Kliethermes (Sprints/Jumps),

    Breanna Dirigo (Mid-Distance/Distance/Jumps) Kim Hall (Pole Vault)                          


    Lange Track & Field Schedule 2021

    4/8 Quad @ Battle

    4/12 Quad @ JCHS or CCHS

    4/14 Moberly Open

    4/20 Chester Boren - Boone County Relays

    4/28 Mexico Relays

    4/29 7th Grade @ JCHS

    4/30 8th Grade @ JCHS

    5/4 8th Grade Relays @ Battle

    5/5 7th Grade Relays @ Rock Bridge

    5/11 All Grade Relays @ Battle