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    Yellowstone with CPS June 2017


    This is my eighth year of teaching, my sixth year at Gentry Middle School, and my first year teaching sixth grade at Gentry Middle School. Prior to this I was teaching eighth grade, and I am excited to bring that experience down to sixth grade. I look forward to challenging your students to think critically and helping them establish a strong curiosity about the world around them, along with developing a passion for science in general. I have a Bachelors in Biology and, just last spring, I finished my Masters in Educational Leadership (Administration). When I am not teaching, I tend to seek out nature and the company of my friends and family. I am a novice backpacker, a slow and steady hiker, and I could spend hours staring into a campfire or up at the stars. I also work with LGBTQ youth through a weekly program called PRISM located in Columbia. This community and the young people who identify as a part of it hold a very special place in my heart, and I welcome any questions or conversations you might have.

    My classroom is a safe space for all students to be themselves and take risks, both socially and academically. I encourage the making of mistakes and relish the opportunity to have discussions with students about how they can become better citizens of the world through understanding science and being a kind and mindful human. Lessons will be a mix of note-taking (when necessary), hands-on activities (whenever possible), and class discussion (always!). Students will be graded on items that assess their understanding of the topic; I try to limit the amount of grading done over assignments that are practice or review. Any grade received by a student that is unsatisfactory may be resubmitted or retaken for full credit. It is my belief that students should have every reasonable opportunity to construct their understanding of a new topic and the freedom to have second (or third) chances to display their understanding. I will work with students on an individual basis to set up times to rework topics they may be struggling with. Late assignments are subject to a 20% reduction in total points possible. Please, encourage your student to check in with you daily about their science experience and any upcoming assignments.

    In order to help you support your student at home, I will update a Google Doc titled “What’s Happening in Cunningham Science?” on a daily/weekly basis. This document can be found at the link: shorturl.at/jqvJ2. You can also access pictures of activities and other aspects of our classroom by following our Instagram account; the username is “cunninghamscience6”.

       Phone: 573-214-3240