• Lunch/Recess Schedule


    Grade Lunch/Recess Time
    Kindergarten 10:25 - 10:45/10:48-11:10
    Grade 1 10:50-11:10/11:13-11:35
    Grade 2 11:15-11:35/11:38-12:00
    Grade 3 12:50-1:10/1:13-1:35
    Grade 4 12:00-12:20/12:23-12:45
    Grade 5 12:25-12:45/12:48-1:10




    Daily Specialist Block Time**

     9:20-10:10-5th Grade

    10:10-11:00-4th Grade

    11:00-11:50-3rd Grade


    1:30-2:20-1st Grade

    2:25-3:15-2nd Grade


    **These block times indicate when your student will typically have "Specials Classes" (ie, PE, Art, Music, etc).  In some instances, it was necessary to schedule classes outside of this block time.