• Life:  

    Life (AD&D):
                Life                          Premiums
             $25,000                       District Paid           
    The District provides a $25,000 term life insurance policy to all full time employees enrolled in the medical program. Part-time employees enrolled in the medical program pay $1.00 per month. Coverage is provided through Kansas City Life Insurance Company. Coverage terminates when employment terminates with the District.

    Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D): Policy doubles upon death due to an accident or dismemberment.

    Life Insurance Summary Plan Description
    Supplemental Life: 
     Supplemental Life  Premiums  Rates
     $10,000  Employee Pays  $2.20 per month
     $15,000  Employee Pays  $3.30 per month
     $20,000  Employee Pays  $4.40 per month
     $25,000  Employee Pays  $5.50 per month
    A supplemental life insurance option is available for the medical plan participants, and premiums are paid by the employee. The life insurance policy terminates when the insured is no longer employed by the District.

    New Employees: When enrolling in the Supplemental Life Policy as a new employee, coverage is guaranteed. 

    Effective date: Your first day of eligibility depends upon your classification. If you are an exempt employee (salaried, monthly paid), you are eligible on your first day of active work with the District. If you are a non-exempt employee (hourly, bi-weekly paid), you are eligible on the first day of the month following the sixtieth (60th) day of employment.  

    Late Entrants: After initial employment, an employee may apply for the supplemental life policy by completing a late entrant enrollment form. Once Employee Benefits receives the late entrant enrollment form, you will receive a health history statement in the mail. Complete the health history and mail to Kansas City Life. Kansas City Life will then approve coverage or deny coverage on a late entrant application. The Late Entrant application is found in the link below. Complete and return to the Employee Benefits office for processing. 

    Beneficiary Information: Upon enrollment, employees are required to name a beneficiary. An employee may change the beneficiary assignment at any time by completing the beneficiary change form and returning the form to Employee Benefits at 1818 W. Worley St. Columbia, MO 65203.