Bus Safety/Rules


    Student Transportation Services

    The safety of all students riding the bus to and from school is a responsibility we all share. It takes all of us working together to ensure safety: students, parents, bus drivers and school officials.  The District has established the student conduct expectations listed below to ensure all of our students are transported in the safest environment possible. Students who fail to observe these expectations will be subject to disciplinary action. Their failure to do so may affect the safety of others.  Failure to follow bus expectations and regulations may result in suspension of bus riding privileges as well as school consequences, depending on the seriousness of the violation.

    If you have any issues or concerns and need to talk with your child's driver, it is best to call the STA Office at (573) 214-3860 to schedule a time or email: CPSTransportation@cpsk12.org . If you need to approach the bus, please do not step onto the bus. Signal to the driver you would like to talk to and proceed to the driver's side window. For the safety of all bus riders, our drivers are instructed to close the entrance door when approached and direct you to their side window. Keep in mind the bus has other stops and a schedule to keep, meaning the driver has limited time at individual stops. Under Missouri Law, unauthorized entry on a school bus is trespassing. For the safety of the students we transport, the Columbia School District supports this law and has posted warnings on all buses and will prosecute violators.

                                    Safe riding expectations and tips for a safe school bus ride.

     In accordance with Board policy JG-R1 any offense committed by a student on transportation provided by or through

    the district shall be disciplined in the same manner as if the offense had been committed at the student's assigned

     school.  In addition, transportation privileges may be suspended or revoked.

    • Follow the bus driver's directions.                                         
    • Be at the bus stop 5 minutes before and stay at least 5 minutes after your stop time.
    • Keep hands, feet and other items to yourself on the bus.
    • Line up in a single line at the side of the road.
    • Ensure your student knows the danger zone outside the bus
    • Speak quietly to each other.                              
    • No food/drinks/gum/candy on the bus.
    • Sit in your assigned seat, not on your knees or backpack  
    • The safest stop is a stop with an adult present.
    • Students are expected to help keep the bus clean and not purposely or carelessly destroy transportation equipment.
    • Damage resulting from misbehavior shall be paid for by the student/parent. Suspension from the bus will occur and continue until all damage is paid for.
    • Students will show consideration for other students and the bus driver by being courteous and well mannered.
    • No profanity or other abusive language.

    Any action that would create an environment contrary to the District’s, Schools and Transportation Department’s missions will not be acceptable. If the action creates an environment in which learning, safety and caring for others are not the primary focus, disciplinary action will result, including possible loss of bus service. Students are expected to follow safe riding expectations listed above.

    Mobile Electronic Devices

    At the discretion of the school bus driver and Building Principal, electronic devices may be permitted to be used on the school bus for educational purposes. If permitted, the user must follow the expectations outlined in Board Policy and School Handbook. Sound must be muted or earphones and/or similar devices must be used.

    No other mobile electronic use is permitted.