Scheduling and Routing

  • Bus routes, schedules, and stops will be developed under the direction of the superintendent following procedures set by the State Board of Education. The purpose of bus scheduling and routing will be to achieve maximum service with a minimum fleet of buses and to render reasonable and equal service to all eligible students.
    Board Policy EEAB states Bus routes will:
    • Follow the most direct roads practicable for bus travel to serve those students entitled to transportation service.
    • Where an alternate route may be selected without sacrificing efficiency or economy, preference will be given to that route serving the largest number of students more directly.
    • Attention will be given to creating safe routes to schools that encourage walking or biking by students.
    • The Board encourages bus routes and schedules that incorporate a short distance of safe walking into every student's transportation plan.
    Routes will be designed to:
    • Eliminate as many turn-around points as possible
    • Employ as nearly as practicable the full carrying capacity for each bus trip.
    • No bus will be overloaded.
    • New routes will be established only when the capacity of the existing routes has been reached or is imminent.
    Authorized bus stops will be located at convenient intervals for students and in places where students may board and get off, cross highways, and await the arrival of buses with the utmost safety permitted by highway conditions. The location of the students' residences, the age and grade of the students, the road conditions, and the funds available will be considered when determining bus routes.
    Students will ride their assigned buses, getting on and getting off at their regularly assigned stops, unless a note from their parent or guardian authorizes students to depart at other than their regular stop or to ride a bus other than their assigned bus. Requests will be subject to approval by the building principal and must be submitted in advance. In unusual or emergency situations, parents/guardians may request to have their child picked up or dropped off at a different spot by directly communicating to their child's school.
    If you have questions or concerns and would like to speak with your child's bus driver, please phone Student Transportation of America. Do not:
    • Step onto your child's bus - boarding a school bus without prior permission from the district is considered trespassing in the state of Missouri.
    • Delay the bus by attempting to speak with the bus driver at the bus stop, as he/she has a schedule to maintain.  
    Stop Change Request
    Parents or Guardians may request a review of the student's assigned school bus stop for relocation consideration by clicking on the link below and submitting the requested information to STA. 
    Examples of situations that cannot be considered by the District for stop changes:
    • Walking distance to the stop if less than:
      • Secondary Students: Walk of less than 2,640 feet to stop
      • Elementary Students: Walk less than 1,200 feet to stop
    • Visibility of stop from residence
    • Issues with overseeing non-school-age children
    • Parent work schedules
    • Lack of sidewalks