• Travel by staff members of the district is encouraged for the purpose of enhancing the efficient operation and continued development of Columbia Public Schools.
    Travel must be for the purpose of attending conventions, workshops, or similar meetings. It may also be for the purpose of observation and/or consultation anticipated to benefit Columbia Public Schools.
    Because of the scope of their responsibilities, it is anticipated staff members with district-wide administrative responsibilities will engage in travel at the local, state, and national levels. Requests for travel by other staff members will be considered on an individual basis. Attendance by principals at regional and national meetings may be on a rotation basis.
    All travel requires completion of a Professional Leave Application Form and must be approved by the employee's building principal and/or supervisor. All out-of-state travel requires the PRIOR APPROVAL of the appropriate Assistant Superintendent and the Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operations Officer. A Travel Expense Voucher must be completed by the employee immediately upon return from approved travel for all expenses incurred, including travel advances.

Vehicle Rentals

  • The District has a direct bill contract with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. This means that Enterprise is the District approved vendor for vehicle rentals and you can save the District money by using it.
    Contact Business Services for directions regarding making reservations with Enterprise Rent-A-Car.
    Highlights include:
    • Nationwide contract rates
    • Insurance included (at no additional charge) for accident, damage, and liability
    • No up-charge on gasoline when Enterprise refills the gas tank
    For more information contact Kelly Wulff.