Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find information about what bids the school district is currently seeking?
    Current bid requests can be found on the Purchasing Web page or by contacting the Purchasing office at The Purchasing office is responsible for soliciting formal bids of $15,000 or greater for the district, with the exception of certain goods and services needed by the Nutrition Services department. Formal bids are solicited through newspaper advertisements and bids are publicly opened and read aloud at a pre-announced time. Individual schools and departments are authorized to solicit written quotations for purchases of less than $15,000.
    How does a vendor get on the district's list of bidders?
    Bidders can email the purchasing department.
    When are bids awarded?
    Bids are approved by the Board of Education at the Board's monthly meetings. Meetings are normally held the second Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Administration Building, 1818 West Worley Street, Columbia, Missouri.
    Where can I view a tabulation of bids?
    A tabulation of bids will be posted on the Purchasing Web page after award approval.
    How can I obtain a copy of a bid solicitation?
    Bidders may obtain a copy of a current bid solicitation by contacting the Purchasing office at
    Does the lowest bid always get the award? 
    The district awards contracts to the lowest and best bid meeting the specifications.
    Can formal bid responses be submitted by fax to the Purchasing office?
    Unless otherwise stated, formal bid responses cannot be faxed to the Purchasing office. Bids must be in a sealed envelope mailed or hand-delivered to the Purchasing office.