• STUDENT ANNOUNCEMENTS: Tuesday, April 23rd , 2024, Today is an A Day

    1. Hey Eagles! Do you have what it takes to “rock with the orange and roll with the blue”? Are you interested in trying out for cheerleading next year? Come join us for cheer camp May 6th-9th from 2:45 - 4:00PM. See Coach Montgomery in Room 155 for more details!


    1. 8th grade Level Up Permission slips are due this Friday, April 26th turn them into the main office. If you are needing a permission slip you can pick one up in the main office. Remember your behavior from now until the end of the year impacts your eligibility for the end of year fun like Level Up field trip and 8th grade Dance. Please remember to keep your phones in your backpacks during class, and to make good choices in your behavior in the hallways, cafeteria, and classroom. We want everyone to be able to enjoy these events, so get your work turned in, keep your grades up, and make good choices!


    1. Students, remember that it is a privilege to eat lunch outside of the cafeteria. If a staff asks to see your eHallpass, you need to show it to them. If you are disrespectful to staff, you will be told to remain in the cafeteria that day.
    2. We are seeing a lot of food and drinks in the hallways. You should not be eating food it needs to be consumed in the classroom. No food should leave the cafeteria unless it is in your backpack. Also, as a reminder if you choose to have drinks your container must have a lid. This means no cans of open drinks should be consumed in the halls. We all must work together to keep our hallways and stairwells clean.
    3. Students you are not to leave class or line up at the door before the bell rings. Remain in class in your seat until the bell rings to dismiss you.
    4. Public Displays of Affection (PDA)

    The definition of PDA is public display of affection. Small gestures such as holding hands, giving a quick hug, or a peck on the cheek is ok. What is not ok is prolonged hugs and kisses or groping each other.




    Board Game Club rm 021 2:45-4pm


    Early out

    Track 8th @ Mexico HS

    Track 7th @ Jeff City HS


    Book Club in MC 7am-7:20

    PIE rm 155 2:45-4pm

    Track @ Jeff City HS




    You must sign up for the activity bus to ride it. If you have not signed up, through the app you cannot ride. When you sign up you will get a confirmation email. If you need help with the app, please see Mrs. Amanda In the office.


    Quote: You are defined by your actions toward others. Not others’ actions toward you.