Student Announcements: Thursday, February 2nd, 2023           Today is A Day


    1. Equality Club is having their Spring Fundraiser just in time for Valentine's Day! We are selling buttons before school starting February 13th until the 17th from 7am until 7:20. You can buy 1 button for $3 or 2 buttons for $5. New designs include penguins, dinosaurs, and hearts!


    1. There will be rehearsal for the-all school play today from 2:45 to 4:00 pm


    1. Students make sure you are getting an E-hallpass before you are leaving class.


    1. It is very important that you bring your iPad to school EVERY day. Please make sure that you charge your iPad every night. We are doing iPad checks in RTI and will be checking for a charge of 60%. Teachers will be giving out tickets and you will drop them in boxes at lunch. 3 students will be drawn daily for prizes


    1. Students make sure you are going to your 3rd hour class so that the teacher can take attendance then waiting to be dismissed when you hear the bell at 9:05. Then going directly to your intervention class.


    1. Students in the mornings in the cafeteria you are to remain seated and raise your hand if you are needing something.  In the gym students are to remain seated and should not be up moving around the bleachers. When you are dismissed, you will go straight to class.


    1. Only water is allowed in classrooms, and all drinks need to have a lid. No eating in class unless you have been given permission from your teacher.


    1. Horseplay will never be acceptable at Oakland please remember this can be physical or verbal. Keep your hands and feet to yourselves and keep your words to yourself if they are not uplifting and kind.


    1. Cell phones need to be put away once the bell rings to start class.  We are seeing an increase of students having phones out and or refusing to put them away. Not only will this result in an office referral you may be required to leave your phone at home or check it in at the beginning of the day.


    1. Please continue to walk on the right side of the hall and keep moving at all times.


    Robotics Club rm175 2:45-4pm

    Industrial Tech Assistance rm175 2:45-5pm


    OMS Career Day