• STUDENT ANNOUNCEMENTS: Thursday, November 30th, 2023, Today is an B Day

    1. The All-School Party is on Wednesday, Dec. 6. Entry tickets are 3.00. tickets for activities and games will be .25cents a ticket. Tickets will be sold during lunch shifts on the Friday 1st, Monday 4th, and Tuesday 5th. Qualifications for the party are-You must not get an office referral, bus ticket or, suspensions from November 29th- Dec 5th to attend the Party.
    2. Pre orders for yearbooks have started they are 17.00. Yearbooks can be ordered in the office or online.
    3. Student Council will have an extra meeting on Monday, Dec. 4 from 2:45-3:45pm in Room 020. Please attend if you can!


    1. Students—if you are absent from school or for any given class,  whether it’s for a field trip, working or helping in another class, you are still responsible for completing any work missed, and for checking in with your teachers about what you need to do make up that work.  Even if you have a excused absence doesn’t mean you are excused from your education, so please check in with your teachers as soon as you can to get any work missed.
    2. Students, in middle school, you have the privilege of bringing your iPad home with you every night. It is your responsibility to bring your iPads to school fully charged and ready for learning, and to keep track of it throughout the day. If you cannot handle this responsibility, then you may be required to leave your iPad at school every night (like you did in elementary school).
    3. Students, please continue to work on transitions between classes Here are a few reminders keep hands and feet to yourself, watch your language and keep your voices down you are being disruptive to other students’, teachers and meetings that are happening.
    4. When you are in lunch detention, please follow the expectations that are posted on the wall.
    5. If you are staying after school for sports or a club you need to be with an adult at all times, stay in the building do not go out to the busses or the pick-up lot go to your designated class.
    1. Students it is very important that you bring your iPad to school EVERY day pack your bag at night, so you won’t forget it.
    2. Students if you are out of class, you must have a pass. E-hall pass or a paper pass if you have not received your iPad. You MUST have a pass to be out of class.
    3. Students are not allowed to have cell phones out in class. Cell phones are very distracting and a disruption to instructional time. If students choose to bring a cell phone to school, they need to be silenced and out of sight.
    4. Play fighting is unacceptable at Oakland and will result in disciplinary consequences. Keep hands and feet to yourself and your words uplifting and positive.


    If you are needing to ride the activity bus, remember to have a permission slip filled out and returned to the office then make sure you sign up on your i-Pad M-Th before 1pm anytime you are needing to ride.

    • Native American History month fact:

    Have you heard the quote “I never met a man I didn’t like” this was said by Will Rogers a citizen of the Cherokee Nation known for his quick wit, acting, and amazing roping skills. He traveled the world 3 times made 71 films and wrote more than 4,000 newspaper columns. He was the highest paid actor in Hollywood in the 1930’s. He has memorials in Oklahoma, Colorado, California, Washington state, and Alaska. Thank you all so much for listening about different people of the First People of America. Always be listening always be learning.


    This Weeks Activities


    Book Club in MC 7am-7:20

    Picture Retake Day!

    Robotics Club rm 175 2:45-4pm

    Student council meeting 020 2:45-3:45

    Positive impact Empowerment group rm 155 2:45-4pm

    Student Council rm 020 2:45-3:45

    7th B-Ball – 6pm

    Boys vs OLLIS

    Girls @ OLLIS