• If a student sustains a severe injury or illness requiring immediate attention, EMS (911) will be activated.  Every reasonable effort will be made to locate a designated emergency contact.   School personnel will accompany transported students until parents/guardians are available.
    Head Injury
    If a student sustains a head injury during school hours, every effort will be made to notify a parent/guardian.  Most of the time, bumps to the head are minor and students will not need to leave school.  However, symptoms may occur several hours after an injury, requiring careful monitoring of the student for any of the following:
    • severe headache
    • nausea and/or vomiting
    • visual disturbance
    • loss of coordination
    • change in normal behavior
    • seizure activity
    • bleeding or discharge from an ear

    Contact your healthcare provider or emergency room if your child exhibits any of the above symptoms.