• Many students are able to attend school successfully due to the effective use of medication.  Some medication regimens make it necessary to administer medication during school hours.  Safe and effective administration of medication requires strict adherence to our policy.
      1. Only FDA-approved medication prescribed by a physician or other licensed healthcare provider will be administered at school.
      2. A Medication Administration Record must be fully completed and signed by a parent/guardians prior to administration.
      3. Over- the- counter medication (including cough drops, ibuprofen, sunscreen, etc.) will NOT be given unless prescribed by a physician or other licensed healthcare provider.  
      4. Medication must be delivered to the school by a parent/guardian or designated adult.  A one-month supply of a student's medication may be stored at school.
      5. The first dose of any medication will not be administered at school due to the possibility of adverse side effects.
      6. Medication must be furnished by the parent/guardian.  To be accepted at school, the medication must have a pharmaceutical label which includes the following information:    
                       student's name
                       date of most recent refill 
                       name of medication
                       administration instructions
                       name of prescribing licensed healthcare provider 
      7. In most cases, it should not be necessary to administer more than one dose of medication during a school day.  Your healthcare provider may be able to schedule all doses of medication to be taken at home.  Exceptions should be arranged with the school nurse.
      8. If a student has a health concern that requires medication on an as needed basis, specific written instructions signed by the healthcare provider must be provided as to when and under what circumstances the medication is to be administered.  This information must be provided each school year.  
      9. A parent/guardian or responsible designated adult must pick up discontinued or excess medication.  Medication left for more than two weeks will be discarded.  Medication will NOT be sent home with a student.
      10. The school nurse must be notified if a student requires injectable medication at school (insulin, epinephrine, glucagon, etc.).
      11. Elementary students are NOT allowed to carry ANY medications (prescribed and/or over the counter) except with a written request from a healthcare provider.  Forms are available with the school nurse and must be updated each school year.
      12. Secondary students are allowed to carry a ONE-day dose of medication (prescribed and/or over the counter).  The medication must have a pharmacy label with administration instructions.  Students are NOT allowed to share medication with others.
      13. NO student is allowed to carry Schedule II medication (Ritalin, Adderall or any narcotic, etc.).  These medications must be stored and administered through the nurse's office.