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    Written by the 2010-2011 Grant Student Council for Grant School’s 100th birthday celebration.Construction of Grant, 1910

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    Grant All Stars:  100 Years and Still Shining
    Enjoy this video about the history of Grant School.  Special thanks to Matthew R. and Sarah R. for their fabulous narration.

    The article below from: The Steelman Star, March 2008

    School History

    by Cooper

       Imagine having to go home if you forgot your lunch…

       Imagine if your teacher was the principal…

       That really happened here at Grant.

       Grant is the oldest existing school in Columbia. It took 17,500 dollars to build.  Grant School opened in January 1911.  There was no Kindergarten, only first through sixth grades.  “At that time there were only six teachers and the 6th grade teacher was the principal.  There was no lunch room and the library was in the hall,” said Davis Mountjoy, who went to Grant in the 1930s.  Davis also said that the playground was much bigger.  “There were two ball fields, one for the girls and one for the boys.  There were swings, seesaws, sandboxes and hopscotch.  The lunch options were to bring your lunch or go home to eat lunch.”  The gym/cafeteria was added in 1952.  That’s 42 years with no gym/cafeteria.  At one time there were around 420 kids at Grant.  Because of this, they added the kindergarten K-1 hallway in 1960. 
        A lot of things have changed, but we still remember the history of Grant School.