• Screening Services

    Early Learning of Columbia Public Schools provides FREE screening services for children (6 months to kindergarten entry).

     Why have your child screened?

    Screening is a quick and effective way to look at a child in comparison with other children his age.  It can determine whether or not a child is developing within the normal range for his age.

    Who Can Be Screened?

    Infant/Toddlers: (6 months to 34 months of age).  Call 214-3955 to schedule an appointment for your child.  Screenings are held at the Parents as Teachers office, 2191 Smiley Lane, Columbia, MO.  This service is for any infant/toddler who is NOT receiving home visits from Parents as Teachers.  PAT families have screenings conducted in their homes during personal visits.

    Preschoolers: (36 months to Kindergarten entry).  Call 573-214-3585 to schedule an appointment for your child.  Screenings for this age are held at the Center for Early North, 2191 Smiley Lane, Columbia, MO.  This service is for all children who reside in the Columbia Public School District.  Screening results for this age group can be used to determine eligibility for the Title I Preschool admission and Early Childhood Special Education services.

    What to Expect

    *Parents who call to schedule an appointment will be asked some basic questions about their child and will be instructed as to what forms they will need to complete BEFORE coming for the child’s screening appointment.

    *Each child will be screened in the areas of health, vision, hearing and overall development.  This screening should not take the place of regular checkups with a health professional (doctor, health clinic, etc.).

    *During the child’s appointment, parents will work with a screening specialist.  She will summarize the results of the child’s screening, provide parents with written results and make recommendations for follow-up activities and/or refer to additional services.