• Preschool Curriculum

    Columbia School District utilizes the HighScope curriculum.  Children are supported as active learners, who learn best from interacting with materials, other children and adults in child-directed activities rather than teacher-directed activities.  Teachers participate with the children in activities and provide materials and experiences based upon the children’s interests.  To view an informative site about High Scope philosophy select the following link: 


    The High Scope education approach to learning was first developed in the 1960s as part of the Perry Preschool  program.  This program has continued to grow and develop and is now known as the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation.  The High Scope preschool approach is now used in both public and private preschool settings, in both urban and rural areas, throughout the United States and across the world.  To view an informative site on High/Scope history and philosophy of the Perry Preschool Program select the following link:  Perry Preschool Program (pdf).