• Family engagement is essential to student success.   Parents begin their involvement by attending orientation with their child before children enter school. Parents are expected to participate in family visits with teachers, parent/teacher conferences and family activities. This aspect of the program helps ensure the child’s success in school. Children are required to attend school on a regular basis and should arrive and depart at designated times. Frequent absences and tardiness can result in a child being dismissed from the program.

    Family Visits

    Family Visits are an important part of the preschool program. Teachers arrange times to visit with parents and their children in the family’s home. Most Family Visits are scheduled on Fridays.  Family visits are an opportunity for families and teachers to get to know one another. Parents and teachers discuss children’s development, ways to work together to support work at school and any concerns about children. Teachers usually bring learning activities to do with children during visits. Children may be given an activity bag to use at home over the weekend.

    Family Activities

    Throughout the school year, teachers schedule Family Activities at school. These events feature learning activities that parents and children can do together. Some events that teachers have held in the past include: Lunch Bunch, Breakfast and a Book, Soup and a Story, Shapes Night, Stop by for Pie, Ice Cream Parties and Winter Parties. For one Winter Party the children made “Snowman Soup”, decorated gingerbread cookies they had made in class, read a book about snow, and then made snowball pictures. Families who attend these events are usually given a book to keep and extend learning after the event.