• Mission Statement 

    Columbia Public Schools Library Media Programs provide academic support for information and technology literacy, literature appreciation, and societal and ethical issues related to digital citizenship through direct instruction and teacher collaboration.


    School library media programs are integral to student achievement. They provide all students, staff, and community members with timely access to ideas and information. Through an integrated instructional program, school library media specialists ensure that students and staff use ideas and information effectively.

    The library media program is an instructional program that guides students to become independent learners. The library media specialist provides direct instruction to students and collaborates with teachers to provide authentic learning experiences that develop proficiency in information literacy, literature appreciation, societal/ethical issues, and technology skills. 

    The library media program provides materials and instruction for students, faculty, and staff to support the district technology plan.


    Contact information:

    Kerry Townsend, Library Media Programs Coordinator 573-214-3835