• Dear FDHS Students, Staff, Families, and Friends,
    We have learned that the traditional setting, although appropriate for many students, does not meet the needs of all students. It has been our mission to create a variety of effective learning environments in an effort to meet the needs of those students that function more effectively in a non-traditional setting.

    As we begin each school year, we do so with an internal pride and confidence that comes as a result of knowing that our staff have helped thousands of students over the years to remain in school and become effective citizens. There is a good possibility that those students who have been involved with our program, rather than dropping out of school, just may have a better chance of being successful in life as a result of our efforts.

    The dedicated FDHS teachers, support staff, parents, Partners in Education and supportive district administration are the main contributing forces behind the FDHS success stories. Thanks to all those dedicated individuals for all of their efforts in providing this unique educational opportunity for Columbia students and we look forward to each successful school year.

    To apply, contact your school counselor or e-mail Douglass Administration.


    Eryca Neville