Student Coalition

  • RBHS Student Coalition

    Student Coalition is an open forum where any/all students are invited to brainstorm/share ideas about how to make Rock Bridge better.  Students bring specific (non-personnel-related) issues and/or concerns to this student-led forum and brainstorm possible solutions.  At Student Coalition students are invited to "speak their mind" and have the power to make changes that will improve the learning environment at Rock Bridge.  The group is for students who are serious about improving the school and are willing to thoughtfully share their ideas.  Some of the issues brought to/tackled by Student Coalition in the past include:

    --Grading scale change from an 8-point scale to a 10-point scale

    --Elimination of student class ranking

    --Creation of "cell phone zones" (back in the day when cell phones were new/novel)

    --Consideration of a different final exam schedule


    In 2015 Student Coalition partnered with the RBHS PTSA to broaden the reach of this student advocacy group, adding state-level issues/concerns and contacts to the groups portfolio.