• Mission Statement




    The term “mission” refers to the overall function of the organization.  The mission answers the question, “What is this organization attempting to accomplish?”  A mission statement sums up the organization’s reason for being.  It explains intentions, priorities, and values to people both inside and outside the group.  It can guide the organization and help it stay focused on the things that are most important.  If the organization ever questions taking on a project or a particular course of action, it can look back on its mission statement and determine if the proposal is consistent with it.  Typically, missions are more detailed than vision statements.  Thus, while mission changes as they are achieved, visions remain the pillar of guidance for the organization over long periods.  In a sense, while the vision may be considered the oasis, the mission is a waterhole on the journey toward the oasis.


    Russell Boulevard Mission Statement


    Through collective commitment of our Russell Boulevard community, we will provide a meaningful education in a safe, caring environment.  We will engage all students in higher-order curriculum, while still meeting the needs of individual learners.  We will create learners that are ready for 21st century demands to ensure they are prepared for success in life.