• Interscholastic athletics is an integral part of the total Middle School program. Athletics contributes to building school spirit and the well-being of the entire student body.

    The purpose of athletics is to promote sportsmanship, respect, responsibility and trustworthiness while contributing to physical growth and development. The health and welfare of our student athletes is our primary concern. Efficient teamwork, good citizenship, and academic achievement are expectations of all our athletes. 

    At Lange Middle School, students have the opportunity to join boys and girls inter-scholastic sports teams, and compete against other schools. Our middle school is a great coaching and teaching incubator for students who may want to continue their pursuit of athletics at the varsity level.


    All 7th and 8th grade athletes must successfully pass a physical examination by a registered physician or other authorized health care provider.  The physical exam is to be valid for a duration of two years (730 days) from date of issue (unless a physician specifically notes on the PPE that the physical is only valid for one year).  

    Players MUST have a sports physical signed off by their doctor’s office dated after February 1, 2021 and proof of insurance form filled out BEFORE THE STUDENT CAN PARTICIPATE IN PRACTICE. These forms can be found at these places: https://www.mshsaa.org/resources/SportsMedicine/MSHSAA-PPE-MH-SSMB.pdf

    And http://www.mshsaa.org/resources/pdf/CurrentMSHSAAPre-participationDocumentation-AnnualRequirements.pdf


    Physical Form: MSHSAA Physical Form

    Must include your insurance provider and policy number

    CPS Insurance (need to purchase insurance)
    Markel Insurance Company 
    website: www.markelinsurance.com
    Applications are available in the main office


    Student – Athlete and Parent Responsibilities


    Participation in athletics requires a substantial commitment by those involved, i.e., athletes, coaches, and parents. All LMS athletic programs will meet either five or six days a week depending on practices or games. Student-athletes need to prepare themselves for this next level of athletic competition by keeping up with their school work and using their free time wisely.

    All athletes will need to participate in 14 practices, on different days, before they are able to participate in competition.


    Team Selection Process


    All LMS students are required to try out for positions on interscholastic athletic teams. Team selections are based on selection criteria (sometimes referred to as rubrics or assessments), which address the sport-specific skills and abilities needed to play the sport and, in some cases, performance benchmarks (i.e., the level of performance in the skills and abilities) required to make a given team. Students will be notified of the selection criteria prior to trying out. It is the Athletic Program’s goal to maximize student participation in athletics. At present, many of the LMS teams can accommodate the large number of students who try out. However, this does not guarantee that every student who tries out for a team will be placed on a team. Student-athletes must demonstrate a strong commitment to both team and player development before being placed on a team. Furthermore, once a player is selected for a team, it is his/her responsibility to maintain that commitment for continued team and individual improvement.


    Student-Athlete Playing Time


    Student-athletes in the LMS Interscholastic Athletic Program earn playing time for game and scrimmage situations by, first, being a member in good standing of the school community. Second, a student-athlete must attend practice and work to the best of his/her ability. Third, a student-athlete must be a team player and execute the specific role assigned to him/her by the coach. Fourth, a student-athlete must demonstrate a commitment to fair-play and sportsmanship at all times. And finally, a student-athlete must support the team by contributing in a positive way to the team’s learning environment. In other words, the student-athlete must focus on learning tasks and assignments and not disrupt other players. Playtime is not to be discussed during or after practice and games.


    Physical Education Requirements


    Student-athletes are required to participate in their regularly scheduled physical education classes. A student-athlete who does not attend or participate in physical education may be deemed ineligible for extracurricular sports activities for that day.


    Middle School Eligibility Requirements


    LMS student-athletes are required to be a member in good standing in the school academic and social community. Student-athletes must be up-to-date with their academic requirements and performing at an acceptable level for their abilities. Student-athletes must also be free of disciplinary problems and referrals. When necessary, a review of a student-athlete’s case will be handled by the LMS Eligibility Committee (i.e., teacher, coach, guidance counselor, school administrator, and the athletic director). Contingency programs and consequences will be established and monitored by the Eligibility Committee. The overriding purpose of this program is to be pro-active and supportive in its approach and not punitive, thereby helping the student-athlete over-come his/her difficulty.  However, in severe cases where the student-athlete makes little or no effort to help him/herself, he/she can be removed from extracurricular sports participation. Please refer to the Middle School Sports Handbook.


    If an athlete is symptomatic or has a fever of 100 degrees or more, they will be sent home and not allowed to participate until a doctor’s note is provided to the coach stating the athlete is safe to return.

    Athletes are expected to bring their own filled water bottles and not share their drinks with other athletes. They are encouraged to bring more water than they expect they need.

    Clothes that are worn to practice must be washed before they are worn to practice again.

    Athletes will be expected to wear a mask whenever they are not fully engaged in strenuous exercise in physical activity and when social distancing is not possible.

    All Student Athletes are expected maintain good conduct and grades to be eligible for competition. Each sport will be holding meetings with guardians regarding regular practice times, game times, expectations and policies after tryouts or practices begin.


    Thank you so much,

    Jeff Linhardt
    Athletic Director
    Lange Middle School

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