• CPS Science
    Grand Teton Adventures
    Summer 2022
  • The Columbia Grand Teton/Yellowstone Adventure is a summer trip developed for students in Columbia Public Schools. The 2019 science adventure took 700 enthusiastic students and staff to Wyoming for this great adventure.  Trips were paused in 2020 and half size in 2021 due to COVID. The trip allows students the opportunity to explore the natural world in one of the most biologically diverse and geologically special areas in the United States and planet Earth.  Students will learn about mountain and glacial geology, wildlife tracking, forest fires, Yellowstone Ecosystems, leadership, and outdoor skills.    All trips are a full week.  High school students (or middle school students who already did the regular trip) may choose to attend the advanced trip options. These trips are very different than the regular trip and requires greater responsibility and motivation.  


    The Grand Teton Science Trip program runs great because of our incredible support from families.  The trip was started and is still run by CPS Staff members who volunteer many hours to make this program such a success.    Our science office support staff works many hours beyond the typical curriculum office duties and it could not be done without them.  We are very grateful for their help in processing all the registrations and payments.   At times they will get backed up in processing all the students but it will all get done quickly.    The Teton Trip's success has much to do with the families and students that we take.   We take wonderful families - well at least kids from your wonderful families!    The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is a wild place and safety and security is our number one priority.   To build that safety and security we need to build your trust and our staff needs to trust that our families are positive and supportive of our staff.   We ask that our students and our trip families interact with our staff in a positive manner and when done so we promise to help you in every way possible.   Don't ever hesitate to ask us for help on anything and you will be quite pleased at how hard our staff works to make this trip great for your family.   In the very rare event that a student or family's interaction with our office or staff is less than positive, we will likely give you an opportunity to decide if you agree with the trip and its systems before making further payments.    In very unfortunate situations we may make the decision that the trip is not right for the student or family and will return the money paid to avoid a further negative situation.    However, Teton kids and families are incredibly kind and supportive and we know all will have a great time.   Just remember though, if you ever get into a stressful situation or need help from us don't hesitate for a second to contact us so we can help.