• Civic Studies is a freshman level course integrating Government and English 9. Civics is a yearlong class in which you will receive a full credit for both Language Arts and Social Studies. It will consist of learning the fundamental principles of the United State Government as well as reading novels/short stories/non-fiction texts, writing, and oral communication. The class is designed to be a cross curricular class, fully integrating both Language Arts and Social Studies; building on each other to further enhance learning. There will be a mix between individual and collaborative work with the intent to develop both independent and cooperative learning skills.
       Steps: Go to site, put in your log-in information (same information used to log into the school computers) and select "English 9 Honors". 
       **The links for English 9 Honors and Government Honors have been merged together and will appear as one link (so students will NOT have a separate link for Government and English).