• Useful links!
    Here are some useful links to practice and study French:
    Holt McDougal Online is our textbook's website. Here you can access the digital version of our textbook and access activities, audio files and videos to reinforce our classwork.
    Quizlet is a great site to practice or learn new vocabulary.
    The University of Texas website has wonderful resources to learn and practice vocabulary and grammar. 
    French.about.com is a nice resource to find links explaining language and grammar. 
    Conjuguemos is a site which allows you to practice grammar. 
    Quia is one of my favorites to practice through games and other activities! 
    Digital Dialects is a simpler resource to practice through games and activities. 
    Blinds Chalet is a site that sells window coverings, but surprisingly has a great resource about French culture. It includes great links to other fantastic cultural resources too.