• How things work in Ms. Shikles’ Science Class


    1.     Students will come into the room in an orderly fashion and be in his/her assigned seat when the bell rings and will stay in their seat unless they are told by Ms. Shikles to move.


    2.    No food, drinks are allowed in the science classroom!


    3.    Students will bring to class EVERY DAY a 3-ring binder, and a pencil.


    4.    Students will stay quiet and pay attention while Ms. Shikles or other students are speaking. Students will raise their hand and wait patiently until you are called on to speak.


    5.    Students will keep their hands to themselves and treat each other and Ms. Shikles with respect at all times.


    6.     All handouts, homework assignments, test, quizzes must be kept in the binder for the entire semester.  You will use dividers for the different units.    Organization is key to success in science class.


    7.    Students are responsible for all work assigned whether it was missed because of an excused or unexcused absence.   One day only is allowed for making up assignments after an absence. 


    8.     No credit is given for late homework.   In case of a true “oops”, one late homework pass is given to each student each semester.


    9.    After class starts, students may not leave the classroom for any reason.  Go to the bathroom and get a drink before you enter the classroom. 


    10. At the end of the hour, students will not get up from their desk or leave the classroom until they are dismissed by Ms. Shikles.


    Ms. Shikles dismisses you, not the bell!