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  • Here you will find information about objectives for the course: Objectives
    If you are interested in earning honors credit for the Journalistic Writing class, here are the details: 

    Journalistic Writing Honors Credit Policy

    Every successful honors student in Journalistic Writing will

    • pursue a deeper understanding of the subject matter
    • produce richer stories and take their knowledge of interviewing to a deeper level
    • develop a higher awareness of ethical standards in the media

    Journalistic Writing Honors Obligations and Expectations:

    While students will receive classroom grades for each of their regular assignments, honors students also earn honors credit for the by completing all honors assignments with rigor, depth, dedication, commitment and timeliness.

    Grading of honors work:

    Honors Points shall be entered into the total points for each assignment.


    Writing: During every five-week period, honors students will generate their own unique news, feature or sports story idea, contact and interview sources, and go through the process of drafting. They will need to take at least one photo for the story and have it ready to publish on BearingNews by the following dates:

    • Oct. 10 (100 points)
    • Nov. 13 (100 points)
    • Dec. 13 (100 points)

    To master posting on BearingNews.org and to create a deadline schedule, honors students will need meet with the teacher at a convenient time outside of class.

    Reading: Honors students will read a non-fiction, investigative journalism book approved by the teacher and successfully write literary criticism for it or may choose to work with peers to create a podcast. The due date is as follows:

    • Nov. 20 (100 points)

    Research: By Dec. 17 honors students will successfully write a research paper or do a Timeline JS about one of the following:

    • First Amendment
    • emerging media
    • election coverage
    • native advertising
    • race and ethnicity in media
    • ethnicity in media
    • news media ethics
    • other topics of interest

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    Students who want to discontinue the pursuit of honors credit must have a mandatory conference with the classroom teacher, and parents must show their approval.

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