ParentLink/Blackboard Messaging

  • Columbia Public Schools' messaging system allows parents and guardians to receive school messages via phone, text, e-mail and mobile app. 

    Guardian automatically have a user ID and password created upon enrolling a child in Columbia Public Schools. Your ParentLink/Blackboard ID and password are the same ID and password you use to access Home Access. If you are new to the school district or have not yet created a Home Access ID and password, you can do so by registering here. Once you have created your ID and password, you can log in to ParentLink/Blackboard via the school district's mobile application or the website.  Contact information for the messaging system is managed via the district's student information system. Contact information can be updated by contacting your child's school registrar. Logging in to the Parentlink/Blackboard messaging system allows parents to see sent messages, attendance messages, lunch balance communications and more. 

    Community Members
    Community members, who are not parents/guardians, can also create a ParentLink/Blackboard account by visiting the ParentLink/Blackboard login page and clicking on the signup button. Sign up to receive e-mail and text message updates from Columbia Public Schools. 

    Mobile App
    Columbia Public Schools also has a free mobile application that can be downloaded to a smart device to access school and school district information.  You can use your user ID and password to personalize your mobile app settings.  Parentlink/Blackboard messages are also delivered directly to the mobile app.

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