• Welcome to Mrs. Gastler's Meteorology Page!
    Meteorology is the branch of science concerned with the processes and events of the atmosphere, especially as a means of forecasting the weather.  In this class you'll learn about the structure of the atmosphere, clouds, weather types, and forecasting.  You should find that it is similar to your experiences in Physics First and the skills you learned there will come in very handy.
    Things you'll need:
    • Your IPad - Every Day - Charged.
    • A Writing Utensil.
    • (Everything else you'll need will be provided)
    Expectations:  When you are absent, you miss activities and discussions that will be hard to make up later.  If you are in ISS, I may only be able to send you busywork because you can't do labs or discussions in ISS.
    • Come to class
    • Try
    • Ask questions
    • Bring something to write with
    Useful Links:
    •  We'll be using Schoology. 
    • Class Syllabus - Not yet available.