• Ms. Arthur’s Spanish 1


    Course: This course is the 1st step in a 5 tiered program of Spanish at Rock Bridge. You will begin to build the foundation of Spanish studies. You will develop your ability to write, read and communicate in the target language and prepare you for Spanish 2. This class will begin your journey towards second language acquisition.

    What will you need for this class?

    You will need a  1-3 inch binder with 3 holes and pockets for the many handouts/notes you will be provided.  Have a little paper in it and (obviously) something to write with each day, too. This binder is your Spanish book for the year.


     Instructor:   Ms. Kris Arthur

    Room: 247/236

    Cell Phone:  573-230-9060

    Email: karthur@cpsk12.org

    My availability outside of class:

    Mornings 7:45-8:50 (Rm 247)

    1A Conference  (Rm 236)

    2B Dept Chair (Rm 236)

    B Collaboration (Rm 236)

    After school until 4:15pm (Rm 236 or 247)


    Goal: Bring together everything you have learned thus far, expand on your grammar knowledge, broaden your understanding of the Hispanic world, investigate Hispanic culture, and most importantly, to improve your ability to communicate in the target language.


    Classroom Etiquette: Class will take place in an atmosphere of discipline, industriousness, and RESPECT for all individuals in the classroom regardless of our individual differences.

    • Be in your seat and ready for class to start when the tardy bell rings. IF you are not in the classroom at the bell, you will be counted tardy.
    • Come to class prepared with the needed materials; i.e. pen/pencil, homework, notebook, notes, etc.
    • Actively participate in instructional, group, and individual activities.
    • Be respectful of the property of others.
    • Be considerate and supportive of your classmates. No derogatory comments will be tolerated.
    • Take care of personal matters before class; i.e. drinking and restrooms, etc.
    • Observe all other student rules in your handbook.


    Grading: You will be graded in this course on:    

                                     Classroom Work





       Discipline Procedures:                           Classroom disturbances:   1st  Verbal Warning

                                                                                                                 2nd  Referral

                                                                                                                 3rd  Referral....                                      



    100% of your grade will be assessments

    (projects, tests and quizzes)


    Although you are expected to complete homework and it will be recorded, it will not count towards your grade. But, it will impact your learning.


                                                                       Tardies:                   Each quarter, you may be tardy 3 times without consequence.

                                                                                                       4th and every other tardy will be referred.


                                                                      Cheating:                 1st offense is a 0 and a call to parents.

                                                                                                      2nd offense will result in an F for the quarter.

                                                                                                      (all cheating offenses will be reported to the administration) 


    Ms. Arthur’s  Class Policy Agreement


    Due to the AB Block scheduling system, each class we meet is the equivalent of 2 standard (50 min) class days.  For each of these class periods, we cover 2 traditional class periods worth of content. Attendance is a HUGE part of the study of Spanish, or any World Language. 

    Absenteeism: FREEDOM with RESPONSIBILITY.  Your education is reliant largely on what you do, day-in and day-out.  If YOU are absent, YOU are expected to go to the website for classroom activities (access website on http://www.cpsk12.org/rbhs, go to Staff Directory, scroll to Arthur, Kris find your class for calendar activities), get with someone in the class, see me before or after school, or call me between 6-8pm the day you are absent in order to get further instructions (1-573-230-9060). It is your responsibility! IF you miss class on a B Day, but are present the next day on A Day, you need to pop into class at some point in the day, go to the website, or get with a classmate to get the assignment you missed the previous day so that you can be prepared for the next B Day.  Having class every other day makes this an easier expectation. If you miss 2 days or more due to emergencies or illness, you will have extended time but arrangements need to be made with me. After the allotted number of makeup days have passed, your work will not be accepted. If absences are unexcused, your work will not be acceptedIf you are absent on an exam day, you are expected to take the exam the day you return to school. If you arrive later in the day, after missing my test or class, you are expected to see me that day and submit the project due, take the missed test or schedule a makeup time. If you leave early, knowing you will be missing my test, you need to see me to arrange a make-up date. All preplanned absences (school activities taking you from class OR leaving for a trip or vacation) you are expected to see me BEFORE leaving in order to make arrangements for the work you will be missing or follow up on your own. 



           In order to create a learning environment where each and every student is committed to the learning process, it is imperative that each student commits to embarking on that journey.  Each student needs to agree to do their best work at all times.

    “Accept responsibility for your life.  Know that it is you who will get you to where you want to be, no one else.”


    • I affirm that I will act with honesty and integrity at all times, especially in my academic work. I understand that academic honesty respects the work of others, flows from dedication to and pride in performing my own best work, and is essential if true learning is to take place.


    • I understand that Ms. Arthur’s definition of cheating is ‘taking the work of others and presenting it as my work ‘for credit’. This means that if an assignment is for points, it is to be done on my own. If an assignment is considered completion points, I am permitted to work with other students and discuss assignment with other students. However, this does NOT mean I can copy their work. If I am turning in my work for assessment/evaluation, it is considered ‘for points,’ and I am expected to submit my own work.

    *Using any form of translating program is blatant cheating and completely contradictory to the learning of a foreign language.  ANYTHING found to have been processed through a translating program will be considered fraudulent work and labeled what it is, cheating.



    “I have read this syllabus and agree to accept Ms. Arthur’s class policies and procedures.”


    Name (print)_____________________________________

     Signature _______________________________________

    Parent Signature __________________________________

     Signature Date___________________________________



    All policies and procedures, class activities, practice tests & quizzes, notes, schedules, etc are published in advance on Ms. Arthur’s website. This site can be accessed by going to the RBHS website: http://www.cpsk12.org/rbhs à Staff Directory à Arthur, Krisà Spanish 1 Calendar of Activities