Study Tips
  • Many of our students find that this is the first class where they actually have to study, not just do the homework, to be successful. Learning a new language requires memorizing a large number of vocabulary words. We recommend that students study at least 15 minutes every night, in addition to doing the homework. Here are some tips for students and parents on how to study:
    You can use the app Quizlet to create flashcards or make your own on notecards and take them wherever you go! Remember to include accents!! Just writing down the vocabulary words on an index card helps you remember them, plus this way you can study on-the-go, any time you have a few extra minutes–even in the car or at lunch. You can ask friends or family members to quiz you with your flashcards, even if they don’t know Spanish! You might want to cut index cards in half, because they’ll fit in your back pocket that way. If you’re having trouble with spelling, be sure to spell the word out loud in Spanish. (Parents: quiz your students with the flashcards! If they’re looking at the Spanish word, they should be able to tell you the meaning written on the back of the card. Make it one step harder and show them the English meaning, so they have to come up with the Spanish word. If you don’t know Spanish, just show them the Spanish side of the card afterwards, and they can check to see if they got it right.)
    Your brain learns by repetition, so if you’re having trouble spelling a word, try writing it ten times in a row. Try writing it each time without looking at how it’s spelled, then checking your work. (Parents: have your students spell the Spanish words on their flashcards out loud for you to check their spelling.)
    Be sure to do the homework on time! Doing the homework helps you understand the material better. 
    Schoology has copies of all the homework and classwork assignments, including links to music, practice activities and videos that can help student practice the concepts they are leaning in zoom class. Students can download any of the assignments to Notability and turn them in to the corresponding assignment link.
    All Spanish 1A and 1B will have the option of getting a hard copy or an online textbook.

    How to Contact Me: 

    It is going to be VITAL that you know how to contact me this year. Please use the following means to contact me anytime.  Please be patient until I get back to you.  24 hours is standard, although I usually get back to you much earlier than that.  

    • Email:  lelkin@cpsk12.org