• FDHS Facts for Potential Students:

    • FDHS is a school of choice
    • Students can earn up to 2 credits per quarter and 9 per year
    • Class sizes are 13-26 students
    • Students can access Career Center classes while at FDHS
    • FDHS offers Core, MO Options (for credit deficient seniors), and the VA Program.
    • FDHS students interested in other sports can participate with home school teams as long as they meet academic eligibility requirements.
    • Students should continue attending sending school after submitting application.
    • Interested students must complete the interview process following the deadlines and process below.


    Mid-Quarter Admissions Timeline:


    Application Due Date

    Interview/Screening Dates

    Notification/Scheduling Dates

    FDHS Student Start Date

    Beginning 1st Quarter


    Summer 2024

    Summer 2024

    August 20, 2024

    Beginning 2nd Quarter

    September 2024

    October 2024

    October 2024

    October 23, 2024

    Beginning 3rd Quarter

    November 2024

    December 2024

    December 2024

    January 6, 2025

    Beginning 4th Quarter

    February 2025

    February 2025

    March 2025

    March 19, 2025


    Student Application & Interview Process

    1.   School Visit
    • Complete online application with recommendation from Administrator or Counselor
    • Application should include method of parent/guardian contact
    • Submit application to the office staff at FDHS (online)
    • Complete online application with recommendation from Case Manager
    • Submit application to FDHS main office
    • Interview/Screening with administration & learning specialist
    3.   Interview Scheduling and Notification by FDHS
     4.  Accepted students start at FDHS at the beginning of new quarter