• 7th Grade: The Ancient World II


    COURSE QUESTION:   How and why have world civilizations developed and changed over time?


    Essential Question #1. Where and why do civilizations develop? 3 weeks

    CS: Prehistory

    - 5 Characteristics of a Civilization,

    - 5 Reasons to Settling Around a River


    Essential Question #2. How do civilizations create systems to manage conflict and establish order? [6 weeks]

    CS: Ancient Greece

    - Components of Greek Democracy

    - Religious Pantheon of Ancient Greece


    Essential Question #3. How is power gained, used, justified, and lost in a civilization? [6 weeks]

    CS: Ancient Rome

    - Components of Roman Republic

    - Emergence of the Roman Empire

    - Decline of Roman Empire


    Essential Question #4. How should goods and services be distributed within a civilization? [6 weeks]

    CS: Medieval Europe

    - Feudal System

    - The Crusades / Black Death

    - The Magna Carta

    - Rise of Humanism: Renaissance & Reformation and its effects on politics, economics, and culture


    Essential Question #5. How and why do civilizations collide with one another? [12 weeks]

    CS: Africa

    - Physical Geography + Location to Middle East & Europe

    - Bantu Migrations

    - Trade of Natural Resources (Salt + Gold)

    - Spread of Islam

    - European Exploration/Imperialism

    CS: Latin America

    - Mayan, Aztec, and Incan Empires

    - European Colonization of Latin America

    - The Columbian Exchange / Triangle Trade