Various Artists: Goodbye, Babylon!


Genre: Country, Blues, and Folk


Our first half-century of recorded spiritual music on six discs: sermons, quartets, shape-note singing, blues wails, hillbilly plaints, the whole kit-and-kaboodle. Committed and lively enough to convert Christopher Hitchens. Ideal for an American studies or classical ideas project.


Dates: 1890s-1940s




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1. Goodbye, Babylon - Rev. T.T. Rose

2. Are You Washed in the Blood of the Lamb - Da Costa Woltz's Southern Broadcasters

3. Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind on Jesus) - Blind Roosevelt Graves

4. Present Joys - Alabama Sacred Harp Singers

5. All I Want Is That Pure Religion - Blind Lemon Jefferson

6. Satisfied - J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers

7. As the Life of a Flower - Chuck Wagon Gang

8. Thou Carest Lord, For Me - Rosie Hibler

9. Lift Him Up That's All - Blind Benny Paris and Wife

10. Rock My Soul - Golden Gate Quartet

11. There's a Light Lit Up in Galilee - Ernest V. Stoneman & His Dixie Mountaineers

12. Crucifixion - J.T. Allison Sacred Harp Singers

13. Crying Holy Unto the Lord - The Blue Chips

14. I'll Never Go Back - The Louvin Brothers

15. God's Gonna Separate the Wheat from the Tares - Huggins & Phillips Sacred Harp Singers

16. Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit - Luther Magby

17. I Belong to the Band - Hallelujah! - Rev. Gary Davis

18. River of Jordan - The Carter Family

19. Sow Good Seeds - Lil McClintock

20. I'll Be Satisfied - Bryant's Jubilee Quartet

21. Troubled 'Bout My Soul - Frank Palmes

22. Dry Bones - Bascom Lamar Lunsford

23. Jesus My All - Rev. E.D. Campbell

24. Creep Along, Moses - Taskiana Four

25. Joy Bells - Tennessee Mountaineers

26. He Gave Me a Heart to Love - Rev. T.T. Rose

27. O Day - Reverend Anderson Johnson/Scruggs/Bessie Jones & The Georgia Sea Island Singers



1. There Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down - Eldeen McIntosh

2. Memphis Flu - Elder Curry

3. Bible's Right, The - Tennessee Music And Printing Company Quartet

4. Standing in the Need of Prayer - The Stanley Brothers

5. Blood That Stained the Old Rugged Cross, The - Carl Smith

6. How About You - Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey

7. Jesus Is a Mighty Good Leader - Skip James

8. Murillo's Lesson - Charles Butts Sacred Harp Singers

9. Glory Glory Glory Glory to the Lamb - Kentucky Ramblers

10. Come Over Here - Elder Richard Bryant Sanctified Singers

11. I'm Gonna Cross the River of Jordan - Some O' These Days - Reverend Edward W. Clayborn

12. Milky White Way - The Trumpeteers

13. Deliverance Will Come - Johnson Family Singers

14. Daniel in the Den of Lions - North Canton Quartet

15. Goin' on to Heaven in the Sanctified Way - Cally Fancy

16. No More, My Lord - Blind Lemon Jefferson

17. This World Can't Stand Long - King's Sacred Quartette

18. God's Getting Worried - Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers

19. Get Right Church - Empire Jubilee Quartet

20. Move Members Move - Laura Henton

21. Lover of the Lord - Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers

22. Old Ark's a Moving, The - Sea Island Singers/A.A. Gray

23. On My Way to Heaven - Golden P. Harris

24. Bible's True, The - Uncle Dave Macon

25. Ship of Glory - Price Family Sacred Singers

26. Since I Laid My Burden Down - Elder McIntorsh/Elder Edwards

27. Precious Lord, Hold My Hand - Elder Effie Hall

28. When the Saints Go Marching In - Blind Willie Davis

29. Jonah, Come Out the Wilderness - Cyril Monrose/Ridgel's Fountain Citians/Roaring Lion



1. Down on the Old Camp Ground - Rev. Emmett Dickinson

2. My Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race - Rev. A.W. Nix

3. Your Enemy Cannot Harm You (But Watch Your Close Friend) - Reverend Edward W. Clayborn

4. Ain't Gonna Lay My Armor Down - McVay/Jimpson/McVay & Johnson

5. I'll Fly Away - James Carson/Martha Carson/James Carson

6. Heavenly Vision - Alabama Sacred Harp Singers

7. Lord I Just Can't Keep from Crying - Bessie Johnson Sanctified Singers

8. Lower My Dying Head - Rev. George and Congregation Jones

9. You've Got to Move - Trumpetters

10. That Home Above - Sancrified Congregation/Cally Fancy/Foggy Mountain Boys/Flatt & Scruggs/Foggy Mountain Boys

11. Golden Gate Gospel Train - Golden Gate Quartet

12. I'll Be Rested (When the Roll Is Called) - Blind Roosevelt Graves

13. Down on Me - Blind Roger Hays

14. Goin' to Rest Where Jesus Is - T.C.I. Women's Four

15. Got Heaven in My View - Louis Washington

16. Judgment - Rev. Sister Mary M. Nelson

17. I Want Two Wings to Veil My Face - Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers

18. We Got the Same Kinda Power Over Here - David Ross/Rev. D.C. Rice

19. What Are They Doing in Heaven Today - George Washington Phillips

20. That Great Day - T.C.I. Women's Four

21. I'm Bound for Home - North Canton Quartet

22. I Am in the Heavenly Way - Washington White

23. Over in the Glory Land - Rev. E.S. "Shy" Moore

24. Death in the Morning - Reverend Anderson Johnson

25. In the Land Where We'll Never Grow Old - The Maddox Brothers & Rose

26. Bathe in That Beautiful Pool - Chuck Wagon Gang

27. I'll Have a New Body - The Drifting Cowboys/Hank Williams



1. Walking My Lord Up Calvary Hill - Bela Lam and His Greene Country Singers/Ernest V. Stoneman & His Dixie Mountaineers/Stoney Cooper

2. Christ Arose - Sheffield Quartet

3. If You See My Saviour - Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey

4. Let Jesus Lead You - Jubilee Gospel Team & Deep River Plantation Singe

5. Found a Wonderful Savior - Golden Gate Quartet

6. He Is My Story - Arizona Dranes

7. I Remember Calvary - Ernest V. Stoneman

8. Take Your Burden to the Lord and Leave It There - Blind Willie Johnson

9. If You Follow Jesus - Rev. W.M. Mosley

10. Hide Me in the Blood of Jesus - Blind Benny Paris and Wife

11. I'll Be a Friend to Jesus - Wade Mainer

12. Standing on the Promises - Taskiana Four

13. Jesus Is My Air-O-Plane - Rev. W.M. Mosley

14. I've Got Salvation in My Heart - Stovepipe No. 1

15. I Mean to Live for Jesus - Price Family Sacred Singers

16. When Was Jesus Born? - The Heavenly Gospel Singers

17. Come to the Savior - The Blue Sky Boys

18. I Want Jesus to Walk With Me - Dorothy Melton

19. He's Coming Soon - Laura Henton

20. Return Again - North Carolina Cooper Boys

21. I Am the True Vine - Rev. Gary Davis

22. Sweet Story of Old - King's Sacred Quartette

23. I'll Lead a Christian Life - Blind Willie Harris

24. I'm Leaning on the Lord - Empire Jubilee Quartet

25. Where He Leads Me I Will Follow - Hallelujah Joe

26. Jesus Is Getting Us Ready for the Great Day - Luther Magby



1. Daniel Saw the Stone - Rev. Isaiah Shelton

2. Called to the Foreign Field - Alfred G. Karnes

3. Hallelujah to the Lamb - Ridgel's Fountain Citians

4. You Need Jesus on Your Side - Deacon A. Wilson

5. You'd Better Mind - Pace Jubilee Singers

6. Exhilaration - Allison's Sacred Harp Singers

7. If the Light Has Gone Out of Your Soul - Ernest Phipps & His Holiness Singers

8. Keep on the Firing Line - Brown's Ferry Four

9. Romans Ten and Nine - The Bailes Brothers

10. Standing Outside - Wade Mainer

11. Sinner You Better Get Ready - The Monroe Brothers

12. I Got to Cross the River of Jordan - Blind Willie McTell

13. Free at Last - Dock Reed/Elder Effie Hall/Vera Hall-Ward

14. Whole World in His Hands, The - Bessie Johnson Sanctified Singers

15. Amazing Grace - Mahalia Jackson

16. Honey in the Rock - Rev. Johnnie Blakey

17. On Jordan's Stormy Banks We Stand - Seventh Day Adventists Choir

18. My Heart Keeps Singing - Elder J.E. Burch

19. I Don't Intend to Die in Egyptland - Joshua White

20. Primrose Hill - Virginia Dandies

21. Keep on the Sunny Side - The Carter Family

22. Light in the Valley - Mrs. T.A. Duncans/Mrs. L. Reed/Mrs. T.A. Duncans

23. When the Saints Go Marching In - H.C. "D.D.I.M.R.A." Gatewood

24. We Are Almost Down to the Shore - Jimmie Strothers

25. Strange Things Happening Every Day - Sister Rosetta Tharpe

26. Goodbye, Babylon, Pt. II - Rev. T.T. Rose



1. Gettin' Ready for Christmas Day - Reverend J.M. Gates

2. Black Diamond Express to Hell, Pt.I - Rev. A.W. Nix

3. Black Diamond Express to Hell, Pt. II - Rev. A.W. Nix

4. Downfall of Nebuchadnezzar, The - Elder J.E. Burch

5. Liar, The - Sheffield Quartet

6. Hell and What It Is - Rev. Emmett Dickinson

7. Church and the Kingdom, The - Elder J.E. Burch

8. If I Have a Ticket Lord Can I Ride? - Louis Washington

9. You Must Be Born Again - Charles Butts Sacred Harp Singers

10. Take Me to the Water - Rev. E.D. Campbell

11. Oh Lord, Remember Me - Jubilee Gospel Team & Deep River Plantation Singe

12. Christ, The Teacher - Cyril String Orchestra Monrose

13. King of Kings - Rev. Johnny Blakey

14. O Lord I'm Your Child - Elder Otis Jones

15. Moses Was Rescued by a Negro Woman - Reverend Webb

16. That White Mule of Sin - Rev. George Jones and Congregation

17. Deacon's Prayer Services - Deacon Leon Davis

18. Prodigal Son, The - Da Costa Woltz's Southern Broadcasters

19. Well of Salvation - M.L. (Reverend) Gipson & His Sanctified Congregation

20. Jonah in the Belly of the Whale - Rev. F.W. McGee

21. Gambler's Doom, The - Rev. J.C. Burnett

22. Prodigal's Return, The (The Things I USTA Do I Don't Do No More) - Hallelujah Joe

23. God Is Mad With Man - Rev. T.E. Weems

24. Black Camel of Death, The - Rev. J.M. Milton

25. Death Might Be Your Santa Claus - Reverend J.M. Gates