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Paula Vanlandingham, Spanish
  • Hello students and families! This year I am teaching several sections of the 6th grade World Languages Exploration "sampler" class (French and Spanish) as well as the 7th & 8th grade Spanish classes at Lange.  I also teach the 6th grade career exploration class called "Life Readiness!"

    Languages are my passion!  I learned Spanish in rural southern Mexico but I also speak German, French, Bosnian and bits of many other languages.  I volunteered as an aide to refugee families here in Columbia for two years, which gave me many opportunities to use my foreign language skills and last spring I taught ESL/ELL (English Language Learners) at Oakland Middle School.  
    I was trained in language acquisition techniques at the Berlitz Language Institute in New York and have been able to use that knowledge all over our district, because I served as a CPS substitute teacher for several years in most of the foreign languages taught in our middle schools and high schools.

    My students also like to hear about my "side job" working as a language and accent coach for the tv, film, and videogame industries!  Another modern example of how foreign languages can be used in many developing career areas....

    I love helping students to become as excited about learning languages as I am, especially by cultivating their ability to use Spanish through service to their community or the world.  While leisure travel is a fantastic experience in which to use foreign language, I’m most proud of the times my students have been able to help in times of natural disasters or community need, whether here at home in the United States or elsewhere in the world. 
    I strive to build students’ confidence in their ability so they feel comfortable speaking and understanding the living language.  
    I never want students to experience foreign language as stressful. 
    Fun is the key!

    It takes lots of practice (including mistakes) to build a new language in the brain…time and repetition are a big help!   But like learning to dance, play an instrument, or a sport, the invested time pays off with a wonderful skill that is useful all over the world in many careers and applications. 

    The 2020-2021 school year is especially challenging, but I hope that our collective efforts will give our students a year of creative learning through the unwavering support of our teachers.  

    Please contact me at any time via the email above if you have any questions or concerns!