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    The Columbia Public Schools Physical Education and Health Science department is proud to offer a strong curriculum for all students in kindergarten through twelfth grades. The primary purpose of physical education is to develop in young people an understanding of the positive impact an active lifestyle will have on their lives. The developmentally-appropriate program also provides a unique learning environment where affective, psychomotor, and cognitive skills can be developed. Also fostered are good health practices, good sportsmanship, self-control, self-expression, and the opportunity for positive social interaction with peers. It is our ultimate goal to produce students who will possess the skills necessary to develop lives that are models of wellness. Research clearly shows that the active, healthy child is more likely to be academically motivated and establish habits of behavior that will promote lives that are models of wellness.
    Health (K-12) and Personal Wellness (6th grade)
    The goal of the Health Sciences department is to provide students with factual, medically accurate information so they can make informed decisions regarding their health.  The curriculum is designed to be age appropriate in order to deliver factual information in an unbiased manner.
    We feel it is important for parents/guardians to share their beliefs and values with their student.  There are additional  resources for information including, religious leaders, community and group leaders, other family members and health professionals.  It is our hope as health teachers to assist students in: understanding their body systems and how to keep them safe/healthy; respecting self and others; making tough decisions; developing and maintaining meaningful relationships through healthy communication and taking responsibility for their own behavior.  
    If a parent or guardian feels that any part of the human sexuality unit is inappropriate for their student, they may excuse them.  Students will still be required to know the content for the exams. 
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