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    Since the cold and flu season is upon us, here is a reference from the Columbia Public Schools student handbook to help you decide if your child should attend school.


    To decrease the spread of potential communicable diseases, students exhibiting symptoms of impeding illness will be sent home from school. Factors considered before sending students home are the effect of symptoms on their ability to be productive at school and/or a temperature of 100 degrees or greater.


    Students SHOULD NOT come to school if during the PREVIOUS 24 HOURS they exhibit any of the following symptoms:


    1. 1.A temperature of 100 degrees or greater
    2. 2.Vomiting or diarrhea
    3. An unusual or unexplained rash
    4. A persistent cough
    5. Ongoing symptoms of discomfort or immobility from an injury


    Students with communicable diseases should have a release from their doctor to return to school.


    REMEMBER; the staff are not allowed to dispense Tylenol, Ibuprofen, cough drops or any other medication without a prescription from the doctor, then the medication must be brought in by an adult. However, Middle School students are allowed to carry one daily dose of any over the counter medication as long as it is in the manufactures original container.


    Thank you for your help in keeping John Warner a healthy and safe environment for all students.