Special Services

  • The Columbia Public Schools Special Services department provides staff, resources, and supports throughout the district depending on the needs of students in each building. The broad range of special education services and supports allows most of our children with disabilities to be served in the student's home school. In the past, special educators were an isolated system of support. Today, regular educators and special educators work together with parents to teach children with and without disabilities in a variety of settings in each school.

    Our Mission:  To prepare our students with disabilities to be valued and contributing members of our community.   


    Our Vision:  To individualize the instruction and supports necessary for students in special education to reach their educational goals.


    Our Values:  Trust, Integrity, Transparency, Collaboration, Empathy, Grace 



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  • Contact Us

    Columbia Public Schools
    Special Services
    1818 West Worley Street
    Columbia, MO  65203
    Phone: (573) 214-3462
    Fax: (573) 214-3402
    Office Hours:
    7:30 am - 5:00 pm
    Monday - Friday

    Director of Special Services:

    Alyse Monsees                  

     Alyse Monsees  

    Ms. Alyse Monsees,  Director


    Assistant Director of Special Services:

    Liana Vessell

    Liana Vessell

    Ms. Liana Vessell, Assistant Director