• Extended Educational Experiences in CPS

    Located in the heart of downtown Columbia, the Gifted Center is housed in the historic Eugene Field elementary school building. We serve academically gifted elementary students from all 21 of Columbia's public elementary schools along with qualifying private and homeschooled 1st through 5th graders.

    Gifted students have academic needs that require an accelerated pace of instruction, more complexity of content, and opportunities to explore areas of personal interest or strength. The curriculum experiences, provided at the Gifted Center, are designed to address these needs and to encourage students to stretch themselves beyond their comfort level. Additionally, the opportunity to interact with intellectual peers in a school setting is an important part of the experience.

    Academically gifted students are as diverse and unique as any group. Some gifted students adapt very well to school, make friends easily, and are comfortable with themselves. Others may find challenges at every turn. The decision to participate in a gifted program should be based, in large part, on the needs of each individual student. It is not a reward for achievement or good grades, but rather an intervention to support success using a variety of program options.