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     The Spartan Alliance organization is for the purpose of allying the current families, alumnae, teachers, school administrators, community businesses and leaders, and students in supporting the education of children at Battle High School. 
    According to the by-laws, there are no fees or costs needed to join Spartan Alliance.  Any parent, guardian, or other adult standing in loco parentis for a student at the school is a member of Spartan Alliance.  


    Spartan Alliance Executive Board:

    President- Lisa Bailey

    Vice-President- Tina DeClue

    Secretary:  Julie Candrl

    Treasurer:  Sara Talbert

    Past President:  Mary Flatt

    Member At Large:  Lisa Ozanich

    Member At Large:  Darren Jordan

    Member At Large:  Lindsey Parks

     Principal:  Dr. Kim Presko

    Teacher Representative:  Leslie Aguilar

    Assistant Principal/Activities & EC:  Alex Huck

    Student Representative:  TBA

    Student Representative:  TBA



    Committee Chairpersons:

    Concessions:  Angie Rush, Jennifer Hartwick, Bridget Maguire

    Spirit Store:  Laurie Arbuckle, Natalie Jones, Tim Echternach, Phillip Dennis

    Volunteer Coordinator:  Raina Cornell

    Membership/Athletic Passes:  Carmelita Wright, Meg Duffy

    Teacher Appreciation:  Angela Pigg

    Clean up Battle:   Tim Echternach

    Shares Coordinator:  Lisa Ozanich

    Battle for the Ages:  Mary Flatt and Staci Bowlen

    Marketing/Communication:  Lindsey Parks

    Scholarship:  Roberta Lee


    2019-2020 Meeting Dates and Minutes:

    All meetings at held at 7:00 pm

    September 24

    January 7

    February 25

    March 31

    April 28

    May 12