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    Students will get out of this experience exactly what they put into it. The habits of mind they will learn here will serve them well regardless of the field they choose to enter. Whether students are in the Battle EEE for Advanced Seminars and Investigations, Internship, Advisory +, or EEE Resource they will have the unique opportunity to harness their creativity, innovate through the design process, develop deep - meaningful solutions and then communicate them to any audience. As these skills are practiced over and over again,  powerful connections will begin to take shape in the brain. Before they know it - each student's creative confidence will empower them to take on even the world's most difficult problems. 

    The Battle High School EEE program represents a blended high school program rooted in the philosophy of teaching students HOW to think, instead of WHAT to think. Our project based classroom represents an amalgamation of Columbia Public School's Secondary EEE Department, Rotary Interact, Creative Problem Solving, and Stanford Universities Design Thinking Methodology. 

    The Design Process teaches us how to access our creativity and channel it toward innovation, Adv Seminars and Investigations instruction brings the capacity to make solutions become reality, while Creative Problem Solving teaches us an intricate process by which to generate, articulate, and implement real world solutions. Synthesis of these powerful thinking tools will allow our most motivated, and highest achievers to develop the habits of thinking necessary to become the positive change they want to see in the world.

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