• Parkade Elementary School opened in 1958. It is named for the subdivision around the school site.

    The Parkade mascot is the Panthers.

    The school colors are blue and yellow.

    Mission: Together...Inspiring Lifelong Learners

    Vision: Parkade Elementary School will be a community where all students will achieve academic excellence and demonstrate leadership in character development. The Parkade Elementary community understands that each of us reflects all of us and that staff behaviors are the cornerstone to advancing our schools Mission and Value Statements. Parkade Elementary School staff collectively and individually commit to the following practices:

    • We will work as a school community to provide a welcoming and safe school environment for our students and families.
    • We will promote positive behaviors and attitudes by modeling and practicing the qualities of Parkade Pride expectations (kind, safe, peaceful, responsible, respectful) with colleagues, families, and students.
    • We will provide an empowering environment in which all students feel valued and successful.  We will promote acceptance of everyone and recognize the benefits of diversity within our school.
    • We will partner with our parents and community to seek opportunities to encourage their active participation.  We will work together for mutual benefit as we strive for excellence.
    • We will collaborate with colleagues to monitor student progress and apply proven, effective strategies to enhance student learning.  We will focus on solutions as we learn and grow together.

    Parkade Elementary School
    111 Parkade Boulevard 
    Columbia, MO 65202

    Principal:    Ms. Amy Watkins
    Assistant Principal:  Ms. Sarah Sicht

    Phone: (573) 214-3630
    Fax: (573) 214-3631