Welcome to another great school year at Hickman High School! My name is Eric Johnson, and this fall marks my third year as the proud principal of Hickman, and my 7th year overall serving as an administrator for the amazing students who walk our halls. To say that it’s an honor to be the principal of Hickman is understatement. It’s more than an honor--it is a privilege and it is a valuable part of who I am. As we prepare to open another school year, I have reflected deeply on the school’s sacred duty of preparing students to explore, define, and solidify who they are as individuals. Our faculty and staff will love your students like our own children and we will work tirelessly to ensure their success this year. Although it is no small task to prepare students to take the reins of an ever-changing world, Hickman is lucky to have the support of parents, guardians, and the community to help carry the mantle as we utilize every resource at our disposal to serve our students. You make us a strong school.


Tradition. Integrity. Diversity. Excellence. (TIDE)  

As the principal, it is my responsibility to communicate who we are as a school to everyone with a vested interest in Hickman. Knowing who we are and what we stand for serves as a foundational understanding of the expectations of every member of the Kewpie family and a blueprint for how we conduct ourselves. We use the acronym T.I.D.E. as a constant reminder of who are.

Tradition- We have a long tradition of excellence as leaders in academics, athletics, the arts, and within the community and we expect students to continue to build on that tradition. 

Integrity-We provide students with an experience that extends beyond academics. Good character and strong values are also characteristics that we instill and enhance within our students and expect of every member of our Kewpie family. 

Diversity-We honor the individual perspectives and experiences that members of our school family bring to Hickman. Diversity is a strong part of Hickman’s identity and it allows us to better understand the importance of global citizenship.   

Excellence-We strive to achieve excellence in every endeavor. We encourage one another to always to do our best and we support each member of our school community to do their personal best to add to our collective successes.


School Focus Areas (2016-17)

Having a focus for the school year will help everyone understand how every person’s contribution to the work of educating our students will help lead to a more successful year. This year, Hickman will use the theme engagement to 1) increase our intentionality with respect to student learning, 2) enhance school culture, and 3) strengthen community partnerships.  Ultimately, we want to provide students with a holistic educational experience by engaging students in every aspect of the learning process; by being intentional about authentically engaging people in the school to make the climate and culture of Hickman one that students, teachers and the community love and support; and by teaming with parents and the broader community to provide social and academic supports and opportunities for our students inside and outside the walls of the school.


Again, on behalf of the Hickman faculty and administration, I want to welcome you to another great school year. I hope that the partnerships we build this year will serve as a springboard for creating a positive experience for every student. Welcome back!


~Mr. Eric Johnson