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    Welcome Kewps! 


    Hickman is a special place filled with special people: a place where students feel loved and accepted, a place where numerous friendships are formed and memories are created.  We are a place where students transition from childhood to adulthood, where they become Kewpies. But what does it mean to be a Kewpie?

    It begins with a mission to achieve academic excellence, to develop personal integrity and responsibility, to value diversity, and to become continuous learners capable of contributing to an ever-changing society.  It develops with the expectation for our students to honor and build upon the traditions of excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts. It continues while wearing purple with pride and learning about interesting foods like gooseberry pie.  It strengthens while cheering for our teams whatever the score may be and while understanding that people are different from us and that's okay.  It is reinforced by striving for excellence in everything you do.  Most importantly, it is about being a part of one big purple family.

    As a building, Hickman will continue its work of becoming a place where all students can learn. We are committed to being a place where all students feel like they belong, where our teachers utilize intentional teaching practices for focused learning experiences, and where systems exists to close gaps and enrich learning.

    I am excited to welcome you to or welcome you back to Hickman.  I am honored to serve as your principal for what should be an exciting school year!


    With Kewpie Pride,

    Mr. Tony Gragnani