Ben Fortel

    Science Department: 
    Courses Taught:
       Physics First
       Environmental Science
    Office Hours Availability:
       A Days: 10:38-12:45
       B Days: 2:31-4:05
    Phone: 573-214-3300
    I love Physics because it examines the underlying principles that govern the universe, and studying it helps us better understand ourselves and the world around us.

    I love Environmental Science because it provides a framework to help us navigate living in a way that respects our community, our surroundings, and ourselves.
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    About me:
    I am a former Marine and spent the majority of my tour of duty overseas, protecting U.S. embassies.

    Aside from my bachelor's degree in Physics, I have also earned a master's degree in sustainable systems.

    My lovely wife, Jenny, and I have been married for 20 years, and we have two wonderful sons, Gabriel and Owen.

    When I'm not teaching, I enjoy being outdoors, quilting, and reading.

    I tweet! You can follow me at @benfortel.

    Updated information about  the topics covered in class, assignments and activities, as well as additional resources are available through Schoology.

    Help outside of class:
    Student success is my priority. I am happy to provide additional assistance to students who need it before or after the school day. 

    Environmental Science Syllabus

    Physics First Syllabus