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    Welcome to Mrs. Spriggs
    ' page!
    I teach both introductory and advanced art courses to all grades of art students at Battle and am so excited about assisting students with their artistic development.  Specifically, I teach Art I: Foundations, Photography I&II, and Advanced Placement Art and Design - Drawing I&II. 
    Art is a very rewarding field that can benefit many aspects of a student’s life.  My hope is that
    Battle artists find their individual voice and expression as well as improve their personal skill and artistic confidence.

    Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  As a parent of school age children, I welcome good home-school communication.


    I look forward to a great year!


    Mrs. Jody Spriggs

    Fine Arts Department Chair



       Email: JSpriggs@cpsk12.org
       Phone: 573-214-3300