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    Hello Everyone!


    Welcome to what I hope will be one of the best experiences of your educational career.


    This is where I get to share a little about myself. My wife Kelly and I have been married for 26 years. We have three children Maggie, Elijah, and Mark. We're originally from the St. Louis area, but spent 8 years in the town of Owensville, Missouri. As a family we love to hike, ride bikes, fish, hunt, canoe, camp, play sports and do pretty much everything we can outdoors. Most time spent not doing the above is often spent reading good books, listening to good music or building my business.


    A graduate of Harris Stowe State University, I began my career as an At-Risk Special Education Teacher. We then left St. Louis for Owensville, where I spent my first two years as a 6th grade special education teacher. When the gifted program in Owensville needed an overhaul, administration asked me to take it over. The next five years were spent rebuilding the gifted ed program for the Gasconade County R-II School District. We came to Columbia three years ago to be part of a vibrant, intellectual, flourishing University town.


    As a result of my experience teaching students in different and often unique ways, I've developed a passion for problem based learning. Here many of our projects are open ended. Instruction is presented in an ambiguous manner, for a specific purpose. Generally, students spend so much time focusing on the checklists of learning in order to get the A, that we often neglect our natural problem solving abilities. We will focus more on the HOW of thinking, than the WHAT. Students are often frustrated by the process at first, but after many years of application - I can say with certainty that this process works! My students have proven year after year that they are some of the best young problem solvers in the world! 


    It's my hope that we can develop a rapport that will last a lifetime. The Battle High School EEExperience is meant to be much more than a class, it is meant to develop a state of mind focused on creatively solving any and all problems that may come along in life. I sincerely hope that you enjoy our time together.


    Let me know if you EVER need ANYTHING.



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