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    Phone: 573-214-330
    BA French Language and Literature, Summa cum laude
    BA Spanish Language and Literature, Summa cum laude
    University of Missouri
    Chair, Department of World Languages 

    In short, Mr. Freborg loves the French language and has spent a good portion of his life fascinated by its structures, by its cultures, and by the diverse countries whose peoples speak it. Knowing foreign languages is an indispensable skill in understanding the beautiful creation that is the world, so in that spirit, he counts it a joy to be able to spend his days sharing the French language with his students.

    Mr. Freborg has taught all levels of French and is particularly interested in using his classroom as a space through which to motivate students to envision how the language will enrich their lives academically, socially, and culturally.

    When he is not in the classroom or traveling through France and Belgium, you can find Mr. Freborg reading books (few of which he finishes), enjoying a cup of fine coffee (which of course he always finishes), or searching longingly through airline tickets online (some of which he purchases). 

    Courses taught (2016-17):

    • French II
    • French III
    • French IV-V: Topics in French Culture
    • AP French Language and Culture